BBQ Catering Coffs Coast

BBQ Catering at Spare Chef is inspired by international cuisine and Modern Australian style.  Spare Chef can provide quality and variety beyond any other catering service, and we are known as The Restaurant That Comes To You. Providing restaurant quality food, your catering will become a talking point for your guests to create a memory for you that will last a life time.  We bring that philosophy to all of menus, even our barbecue menu, so you know you will truly be getting a gourmet BBQ.

We have developed a series of options for BBQ Catering, from a DIY gourmet BBQ pack, to a fully catered BBQ event with a private chef. We believe that if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing right, so even the humble BBQ can be tailored to anything from a backyard relaxing feast to a meal fit for a king.  Contact Us for a free quote or more information.

Catering Service Description

We have developed a new simpler series of options for BBQ catering.  We have Silver, Gold & Platinum packages that include all the options from a DIY gourmet BBQ pack, to a fully catered BBQ event with private chef.  Our BBQ catering menu is one that’s been designed to fit just about any budget.  We’ve provided this menu to just about every type of event, from a backyard birthday, to a beautiful wedding, to a large sporting event, and even to the Mayor when entertaining international VIP’s.

Catering Service Area

Spare Chef Catering is completely mobile and we specialise in bringing our services to you. Our barbecue menu can be provided as a DIY catering solution, collected from us in Coffs Harbour, or we can arrange delivery to your door.  For a fully staffed BBQ service, we can cook on-site where ever you are and provide gourmet barbecue buffet with all the service equipment included. Our service area doesn’t just cover Coffs Harbour, but also includes Bellingen, Raleigh, Valla, Nambucca, Smoky Cape, and further south to South West Rocks and beyond. Or North to Woolgoolga, Mullaway, Wooli, Brooms Head, Maclean, Grafton, Yamba or Micalo Island. As well as inland to Dorrigo, Upper Orara, Gleniffer, Glenreagh, Nana Glen, or even Armidale.

Full Menu – BBQ Catering

Barbeque Mains
Marinated grass-fed sirloin steak (gf)
Lamb kofta, mint yoghurt, cilantro
Marinated prawn skewer, roasted garlic, preserved lemon (gf)
Moroccan spiced chicken tenderloins (gf)
Seasonal fish fillet, lemon & herb butter (gf)
Haloumi & zucchini grilled vegetable stack (gf,v)
Marinated beef kebab, teriyaki sauce (gf)
Smoky BBQ pork belly (gf)
Marinated portobello mushroom, gremolata (gf,v,vg)
Gourmet German sausage

Hot Sides
Roasted potatoes, garlic, rosemary, sea salt (gf,v,vg)
Barbecued sweet potatoes, Mojo Verde dressing (gf,v,vg)
Chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables, fig balsamic glaze (gf,v,vg)
Steamed seasonal greens (gf,v,vg)
Charred corn on the cob, roasted garlic, paprika, parmesan (gf,v)
Butternut pumpkin, feta, herbs, pepitas (gf,v)
Potato au gratin (v)

Roasted baby beetroot salad with feta, baby spinach, pepitas (gf,v)
Green bean salad with slivered almonds, lemon vinaigrette (gf,v,vg)
Quinoa salad with cherry tomatoes, herbs, charred corn (gf,v,vg)
Charred cauliflower salad with dukkah, preserved lemon (gf,v,vg)
Rocket salad with pear, walnut, parmesan, aged balsamic dressing (gf,v) Greek salad with feta, kalamata olives, tomato, onion, cucumber (gf,v)
Baby potato salad with crispy bacon, chives, sour cream dressing (gf)
Spanish rice salad with saffron, pimentos, green olives, red onion, fresh herbs (gf,v,vg)